12 Low Cost Business You can Start Through a Mobile App

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A lot of people who are running a successful business since years might wish to create the mobile app to expand their business. However, there are also people who want to put up a business based mainly on the mobile app. For instance, designing a great pair of sneakers, and launching your business through the mobile app. For this, you will surely need to create a website and get social. Let’s say your primary focus is selling out your products/services through mobile devices. Nowadays, it has become bit easy as all you have to do is get a template, execute a shopping cart and post your products. It is the grandeur of online business with the cost falling that allows anyone to take advantage of your service.

Here are few small business ideas that you can start and operate through your mobile app:


Web designing company is one of the businesses that you can begin freelancing and sending your mobile app portfolio of your past work. The mobile app can be a great platform to showcase your talent where you can link your portfolio.


This can be an amazing business to bring in some money while working on something you would enjoy. You can actually take advantage of social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest to spread the word out.


You might have come across many photo studios, this is because they don’t cost much money to start. However, finding a niche in the photography business can work out great so that you stand out in the market and make money. For instance, wedding photographers are commonly found than pet photographers in the market.


The shoe lovers can try to design something that you could sell through your newly created mobile app. Starting this as a business will not costs much if you are just starting with custom orders. You can sell it on the shopping cart option in your app.


IT can be a great idea to sell baked goods through a mobile app if you have the skills and materials. You can bake anything from cookies to cakes, and all you need is just a small kitchen space to make and mobile app to sell. Trying to figure out niche can help you stand out from the fierce competition.

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