Mobile App Personalization – An Upcoming Frontier

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.Mobile app personalization is one of the great ideas to boost the user experience, improve customer loyalty, and grow your business. Nowadays, companies having user data access are using mobile app personalization to generate high personal mobile experiences for their customers.


In simple terms, it is a process of altering an app according to the unique data that differs each user. Considering it as a targeted advertising with the high degree of specification, personalization of the app saves the users from vast research. It is more like creating a frictionless purchasing experience. However, apps should be used carefully by not crossing any privacy lines. It is better only to request information that is directly related to a specific product or service.


The mobile app market is rapidly growing. There are around 1.6 million apps available alone in the Google Play Store and 1.5 million apps alone in the Apple App Store. With tons of apps being downloaded daily, the only handful of them is used on a regular basis.

Though personalizing your app, you can make your app make its own identity among millions of other apps. This is because, users are likely to use an app that addresses their specific needs and interests over a generic, impersonal platform.

The foremost aim of launching an app is to increase user engagement. Personalization of app enables you to tweak the app experience for each user and make it more engaging that leads to an ultimate purchase of your product or service.


With the help of phoenix infomedia, you can get started with your own creation. It is a user-friendly app making platform that allows people to build professional-grade, highly personalized apps for their business. Hardly any programming experience is required to use this app.

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