Backlinks in SEO

Backlinks in SEO

Backlinks also known as inbound links plays a vital role in the world of SEO, It’s a backbone of making a brand popular among users as well as on search engines. It’s a technique of generating quality links from other websites to your website. The number of backlinks indicates the popularity of your brand so it should be useful and follows the guidelines of search engine. While creating it you have to be more focused on the quality of backlinks whether they are useful for your product or not. Google give more credit to those websites having a good number of quality backlinks.

Major search engines like Google will mostly focus on where your link comes from like when links to your site come from some other site with the content related to your site, these inbound links are considered most relevant. If the links are found with unrelated content or information then they are considered as a spam and their relevancy decreased.


Another best reason to make quality backlinks is to attract visitors to visit your website. This is the greatest way to build a strong relationship with your targeted audiences and let the world know about your brand. There are many website available on the internet where you can easily create backlinks and make your brands visibility on the major search engines like Google.


As I said above that while generating backlinks you have to be focused on the quality of links. Like if you are creating backlinks that are totally irrelevant to your website then it is considered as spamming. Google has introduced its algorithm called Google penguin, so that this kind of irrelevant activities should stop. If Google find any such kind of unethical activity then website even gets penalized. . Search engine will not consider your website if it is having unrelated links.

If your website is new to the search engine then you should make this thing clear that backlinks are very important almost as much as any content on it. Back links usually mean that you can achieve some reasonable keywords in some search engines within weeks if you have a good quality site. With just one link to you from another indexed site you can usually get a few search engine bots visiting your site within hours instead of days, or even weeks through manual submission.

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