Meta Tags for SEO

Meta Tags for SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization there are many facts about the visibility and traffic of a certain product. There are many website optimization techniques due to which one can attain their desired position on the search engines. Among all the techniques for website optimization there is one such technique that is Meta tags. It is the very basic and most beneficial on page technique for the promotion of a brand. Good meta tags always help in ranking and increase the chance of getting more and more clicks from different website to our site. If meta tags are optimized in a correct way then it becomes easy for a site owner to make their brand popular.  While creating meta tags the basic thing that you have to keep in mind is that each and every page of your site should have unique meta title, meta description and meta keywords that represents best for the page.


Meta title is the most important tags for getting better rank on major search engines like Google. No other meta tag does help in SERP ranking better than title tag. So you have to be sure that they are perfectly written and implemented on the website. You can easily search for best titles with the help of many keyword planner tools and among all of them keyword planner of Google is far much better. It tells you the exact competition and monthly searches of a particular title. Try to make your title in a more descriptive and long tail that explains better about the overall page.


Meta description is another tag that you have to place on your website, it isn’t considered as a biggest ranking factor as it doesn’t affect much on SERP ranking in Google.  The use of this tag is that you can easily fill out some more important keywords that you are unable to fill in the title tag. It is the place where search engine users read about your page. So while creating it you have to make it more descriptive as it acts as a synopsis of your overall page. A good meta description will attract higher number of click-through rate.


This is the most neglected tag as Google doesn’t use meta keywords in their algorithm anymore. The main reason behind it was keyword stuffing. But some search engines like Bing still follow the concept of meta keywords. So if you are ranking your brand on Bing so you have to be specific about this part. It’s a place where you can put all other important keywords those are beneficial for the ranking purpose. While placing keywords make sure that there wouldn’t be any kind of keyword stuffing.

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