How to Market Your Mobile App

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So, you have created an amazing mobile app, and the only thing that is left before reach your estimated success level is getting downloads in app stores or attaining a loyal user base. To achieve this goal, you need an equally amazing app marketing strategy. There are several methods to promote your mobile app, but, we have listed some of the most effective ways to market your app.


Social media has become a huge marketing trend for all industries. It’s no surprise that it works great for promoting a mobile app as well. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have a special feature of displaying ads for mobile apps. As soon as you create your app, leverage social media to interact with key influencers of your market. Also, try to use blogs and social sharing from inside your app.


When it comes to media coverage for your app, the quality bar for PR is quite high. Try if you can get coverage major news publications in order to get more users. If you don’t have great connections in this field, consider hiring a PR agency.


Using Search Engine Optimization techniques, drive traffic to your website and ask them to download your mobile app from there. Use landing pages and content pages of the website to promote your mobile app.


Find relevant associates who have the similar target audience (apart from your competitors) and are willing to promote their website or mobile apps with you. This concept will give you as much exposure as you are giving to your associates.


Till date, Email is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your website. Emails reach most audiences as they are readable on both PC and mobile phones. Using a conversion tracking tool, you can track and measure app downloads redirected from your emails.

However, before implementing any of above marketing ideas, you need to build an app.

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