Mobile App Development Mistakes to Avoid

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It’s hard to get a foothold in the wide market of apps. A study has stated that average smartphone users limit their app count to 41, and these apps are from companies like Google and Apple.

Amidst such high competition, how can you ensure that your app makes its way to your customers’ screens and it is there to stay?


The first key to a successful app is knowing and understanding your audience inside out. Your app will not have a wide audience like Facebook or Instagram; you’ll have a niche app that will be equally successful it is well-suited for its niche audience. Don’t target your app for everyone, rather make it the best fit for the niche demographic.


If a user has downloaded your app, it doesn’t mean your mission is accomplished. What about regular usage? The numbers of apps that regularly used after being downloaded are very few. One of the reasons for low usage is that users have the low tolerance for apps that don’t work well. It’s OK for an app to have flaws, but developers should be able to fix it promptly.


We are under constant pressure to introduce an app in the App Store that will be noticed, downloaded and used more than a few times. For a real chance at making a successful app, identify your audience, listen to them, and take more efforts in execution.

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