Mobile Web Surfing gets Beaten by Mobile Apps

Mobile Web Surfing gets Beaten by Mobile Apps

The operation of mobile applications is increasing every day. For getting the direct push notifications, consumers choose to install the mobile apps of a particular web service they use on a regular basis. Consumers install applications to save the time of surfing. It results in the growth of mobile applications for web browsing.

The complete analysis was done on the 450,000 mobile bids over the 1.3 billion devices worldwide. As per 2013 research, it was found that users spend 80% time on mobile apps. In 2014, there was an increment of 6% in the mobile bids traffic and users spend an average of 2 hours and 19 minutes on the mobile applications. There was an increase of 20%, compared with the year 2014.

Detail study was done on the popularity of the app categories over the years with separate indexing for the iOS and Android connected devices. It stipulates the time consumed ratio of the categories like Google Browsers, Social Messaging, News, Facebook, Youtube, and Entertainment. The analysis shows that 86% time is consumed by the mobile applications that dominate the Mobile Web Surfing. Simple mobile user consumption increased by 9.5% from the previous year.

With the highest time, coverage of 32% game playing apps involves users. Facebook with a massive traffic of 17% still is at the second highest position, and this ratio is declining year. Social Messaging covers 9.5% of user’s and Twitter covers 1.5% user consumption. Utilities and Google browsers cover 8% and 5% attention. Individuals have the same interest in YouTube, Entertainment, and productivity by 4%.

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